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East Village Pets is a cat-sitting service for pet owners living in the East Village and Lower East Side in New York City. We also serve Greenpoint and Williamsburg pet owners as well. We will feed and care for your cat when you are traveling, to keep them happy and healthy.

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East Village Pets is the pet-sitting company of choice for my husband and I when it comes to finding the best care for our two cats, Chucky and Thor. EVP makes vacation planning easy, because they are always available to feed and love on our cats where they are most comfortable — at home. In addition, EVP is affordable, and we always return to a clean apartment. Chucky and Thor also highly recommend EVP to other cats who want some one-on-one time while their humans are away. How do I know that our cats approve? Because when we return from vacation, they are as happy as can be.

Andrea and Manny have been looking after Lucy for the past 3 years and are absolutely terrific. They are readily available, kind, friendly and dependable and will send you photos of your pet. If you're looking for someone to take care of your furry friend while you're away, look no further — they are your A team.

This is my baby Monty and gets so excited when I go out of town so his buddy Andrea from East Village Pets can watch him. Andrea goes ABOVE AND BEYOND. I have called her to check on Monty while I was on my vacation to find she was literally with him, comforting him, watching TV with him. She buys him toys and treats. She spends TIME with him. And I know that he loves her. Once I came home to find that Andrea had painted a BEAUTIFUL portrait of him! (Seriously! Can you believe it?) I proudly display it in my living room.

Andrea has always been helpful, responsive, and kind. I consider her a good friend now, not just a pet sitter. I thank God for Andrea! Vacation is so much better when you know your cat is in good hands!

— Melissa Herlitz

— Heather Willensky

— Lauren Passell